Top 5 Reasons To Invest In Cryptocurrency

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5 Reasons you may want to Invest in Crypto.

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#1. Earn Potentially Lucrative Returns

The word potential can be used in two different ways when it comes to crypto. Firstly, crypto has a lot of potential because it’s a relatively new concept. This opens up the door to endless future possibilities.

For example, if the technology associated with a cryptocurrency is adopted in the mainstream by a top non-crypto brand, the chances of Ether (ETH) coin gaining a lot of value increases.

This may give early investors the chance to earn potentially high returns because of the future scope. Bitcoin is the best example of how mainstream adoption can help the price of a cryptocurrency skyrocket.

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#2. Protect Your Wealth From Inflation

Inflation dilutes the value of fiat currencies over time but doesn’t have the same effect on cryptocurrencies in a conventional sense. Why? Because cryptocurrencies are decentralized and have a cap on supply.

A government or bank can’t manipulate crypto at will. More importantly, this means that cryptocurrencies have the potential to earn more returns than the rate at which a fiat currency loses value over time.

This does not, however, mean that cryptocurrencies are free from inflation. If more cryptocurrencies are mined, their value will go down theoretically but there are measures in place to tackle this.

The best example is Bitcoin. The rate of Bitcoin mining is reduced by half every 4 years. This is known to have two broad implications. One, the scarcity remains intact and two, the inflation rate becomes negligible.

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#3. Have Total Control Over Your Investment

All roads lead back to decentralization again. As we discussed before, governments or federal agencies can’t manipulate the value of cryptocurrencies as they have no control over them.

Only the crypto holder has the necessary means to access their investment with something known as a private key, which grants total control over the buying, sending, and receiving of cryptocurrencies.

That said, crypto can effectively be outlawed with the stroke of a pen should any government choose to do so as China did. But free-market economies have decided to not go down this path.

Countries like the USA, UK, and India are looking to understand and regulate cryptocurrencies to introduce fail-safes that made it reasonably safe to invest in equity securities in the decades prior.

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#4. Add Diversification To Your Portfolio

The jury is still out on whether crypto is an asset class on its own. But the truth is, crypto is known to be inflation resistant and has the potential to generate lucrative returns.

In fact, crypto is known to be relatively uncorrelated with assets like stocks and bonds while the United States Dollar has a negative correlation with Bitcoin.

These factors may make cryptocurrencies a worthy addition to an investor’s portfolio if they have an above-average risk appetite. At this point, we’d normally urge you to consult a financial advisor.

No such thing exists for crypto. That may change in the future with Cube’s Tikka Token giving you access to top-notch crypto advisors, but for now, you must exercise caution when investing in crypto.

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#5. Enable & Benefit From Innovation

Your investment in a cryptocurrency may be a “shut it and forget it” exercise for you, but it benefits the project in two ways. Firstly, it signals social proof, which is trust and confidence in the project’s vision.

Secondly, it gives the project the means to innovate and expand its range of services, products, and partnerships, which can only mean good things for its investors.

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