New Meme Coin Tamadoge ($TAMA) Shocks the Crypto Market, Skyrocketing 335.69% In Less Than a Week of Public Trading! Can This Coin Still 10X From Here?

Tamadoge has been the most anticipated and popular new cryptocurrency projects in the crypto space. The platform has ended a mega -successful presale phase, raising over $19 million months ahead of schedule.


What is Tamadoge?

If you believe the hype, $TAMA is headed to be the hot new meme coin of the fall. After raising $19 million in a monster pre-sale, it finally started trading this week. Just like popular and ultra-successful meme coins before it, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Tamadoge will feature a Shiba Inu dog mascot.

However, something does feel slightly different about this new coin. Tamadoge ($TAMA) is much more than just a silly meme coin. It is the token for a play-to-earn game in the metaverse that involves non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Meme coins need to have some kind of use. If you take a quick look at the top meme coins, the list includes seemingly endless variations of Doge-themed crypto tokens. All of them pay their respect to Dogecoin in one way or another, but without really adding anything of value.

Tamadoge has a strong advantage over other meme-coins, and possibly why it had one of the most thriving crypto pre-sales to-date: Tamadoge has real-world utility . As explained in their white paper, $TAMA will be the utility token of the entire Tamadoge ecosystem. You can use it to purchase digital Tamadoge pets, which can be traded as Tamadoge NFTs. And you can use Tamadoge to breed, cultivate, and then compete with your digital pets in a play-to-earn online gaming environment.

Tamadoge is one of the rare new cryptos with high growth potential. TAMA tokens recorded a $32 million 24-hour trading volume and a growth of 750% since the beta presale. The growth will intensify with every new CEX listing, and since TAMA tokens just went live on LBank and MEXC and is close to new all-time highs.

Tamadoge is already the No. 4 price gainer on CMC ( ) , and it's ranked first by daily trade volume. In addition, it already became the highest gainer among meme coins, highlighting what we can expect in the future . Tamadoge is releasing a collection of 100 ultra rare NFTs tomorrow and will add the entire 21,000 NFT collection later this year.

Should you invest $1,000 in Tamadoge?

Before you considerTamadoge, you'll want to hear this.

The Tamadoge project is still in its earliest stages, but it's already breaking records and building a massive community around itself. The MEXC and LBank listings will likely kick its growth into overdrive, pushing the price of TAMA tokens to new highs and gains of over1,000%.

We always recommend our readers to do their own research.

Will Binance List Tamadoge?

Binance will no doubt have noticed the price action around TAMA this weekend and its earlier presale in which it raised $19 million in seven weeks – an astounding sum given the ongoing crypto winter. However, at the time of writing this post, there has been no mention by Binance that they will list Tamadoge in the foreseeable future

How To Start Trading Tamadoge?

  • Your going to need a trading-wallet.You can use any recommended Crypto exchange, but not all exchanges will list this particular coin. Click the link below to register with our recommended exchange. Alternatively, you can open an account with a defi-wallet like Metamask or Trust Wallet, and make your trade from there.

    Register with our broker here

  • Adding Funds.If you already have Bitcoin, Ethereum or BNB or any other major cryptocurrency, you can easily transfer your coins to your trading account within your wallet. If you do not own crypto-currency, you can purchase it by clicking on the ADD FUNDS button within the exchange, and purchase your cryptocurrency with Credit Cards, Debit Cards or even Apple Pay.

  • Buying the asset.Typically, this should be quite straight forward if you are using an exchange. Click on the “trade” tab and find the trading pair in Spot trading. If your using a defi-wallet, connect to pancakeswap ( or uniswap ( to swap tokens within your defi-wallet.

  • Selling Your Asset.Made some profit and ready to sell and pull some profits? With major exchange platforms this operation is quite simple. Head back to the Trade tab in the exchange where you first purchased the coin (typically spot-trading) and click on sell. Enter the amount you want to sell at the price you want it. Once the Token price reaches your quote, the exchange will automatically sell your coins for the trading pair you chose.


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