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DOGE December 6

Will Twitter Come Out With a Native Coin? DOGE holders Remain Hopeful

A new rumour in the crypto community reveal that a new secret project is emerging on Twitter, considering a new native token referred to as the "Twitter Coin"

FTT November 28

A Bahamian Civil and Criminal Investigation into the FTX Scandal

A Bahamian investigation into the FTX Exchange is underway. The involvement of the Securities Commission alongside the Prime Minister’s financial intelligence unit and financial crimes unit are partnering up in this investigation.

BITCOIN November 27

What Caused Bitcoin's Price to Dip Today?

The key points and primary reasons you need to know for Bitcoin's drawback. Will it continue to decline or will BTC's price surge?

BITCOIN November 24

Russia Advancing in Blockchain Technology, Intending to Launch First "National Crypto Exchange"

Russian lawmakers are currently working to amend laws to launch a Russian national crypto exchange. At present, these suggestions are widely supported by the Ministry of Finance alongside the Central Bank of Russia. Both have historically had differing opinions over the regulation of cryptocurrency.

NFTs November 23

Celebrity Owned NFTs Have Significantly Lost Value!

During the first quarter of 2022, users searching the term NFT was incredibly high. With Google Trends score of over 90, dropping down to the 12 on the fourth quarter. Interest in the NFT market has drastically declined, but blue chip NFTs have dropped considerably in value.


BitcoinOracleAI May 15

Bitcoin Oracle AI Review

Bitcoin Oracle AI is an AI powered crypto trading platform that combines auto trading functions with machine learning capabilities to enable better predictive analytics